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i travel the world snowboarding, so i post my photos here, and there is a little other stuff in there as well

#tbt to that time I ate my dinner while biking to third!

Mariachi band straight killing it at dinner!

It’s been one year to the day since I had these things out in my back. My life has changed so dam much it’s crazy! Looking back over the last year, a lot has happened and I’m pretty dam thankful to be where I am! It hasn’t been easy for me but thanks to all you amazing people in my life helping me threw it making it a good year despite everything! All I have to say is THANK YOU!!!
Wouldn’t mind winning a nice piece :) #mikestoreytattoos @connorgilbert @jennifer_elizabethann @rosscomassie
I like this one @jennifer_elizabethann
Saw this badass Unimog the other day on my way to work, I now know what I want to retire to! #unimog
Everyone go follow the Instagram for @westcoastmedicann and keep up to date on all the happening!
ATTENTION EVERYBODY!!!!!! @rypod new scooter got stolen from out back our house today, keep your eyes open for this bad boy!!!! Help us get back a mans transportation!!
Happy birthday to my best friend and brother @connorgilbert miss ya man! Also a #tbt to my surprise visit home!
Regram from @chaddickson of the BBQ and killer skate session!